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{{'Manual Tasks'|_}}

  1. {{'Receiving order request'|_}}
  2. {{'Manual work to process the order'|_}}
  3. {{'Cost estimates using the excel table'|_}}
  4. {{'Sending an application to the workshop for order execution'|_}}
  5. {{'Sending invoice to customer'|_}}
  6. {{'Manual filling up customer data in CRM'|_}}
  7. {{'Adding an order to CRM and accounting in XERO'|_}}
  8. {{'Sending an order delivery letter'|_}}
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Our Client

The business and consulting division of a Fortune 100 company

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{{'Process optimisation
through a digital platform'|_}}

  1. {{'Receiving calculation of estimates on the website'|_}}
  2. {{'Automatic reply letter to the workshop, invoice + delivery letter to the customer'|_}}
  3. {{'XERO and CRM are connected to the website'|_}}
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{{'Technologies used'|_}}

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Perform the analysis

The solution team gathered information using proprietary Apex data along with external data sources from partner sources.

Location decision factors important to our client included skill set supply and demand, salary benchmarks, tax incentives, and access to local universities and military bases.

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Establish the need

Our Solution team worked with the client to develop location selection criteria, define the decision process, and engage all stakeholders.

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Plan and decide

Using a variety of proprietary and public tools to compare markets and model various scenarios, we presented the client with a road map and short list of our top two recommendations.

Once locations were finalized, we collaborated with the client to deploy the solution.

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We applied our Workforce Management program to provide training, ITIL certification, and other retention initiatives such as semi-annual performance evaluations and merit increases.

To improve communication and accountability, we provided monthly and quarterly status reports.

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That's why we are awesome:

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Results 1:

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Results 2:

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Results 3:

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