Wholesale awning skins is a manufacturer of outdoor awning skins in acrylic, mesh and canvas fabrics. Their product is a guarantee of quality. We developed the website from design to layot, and filled it with a content. Now we are providing technical support for the site.

Manual Tasks

  1. Receiving order request
  2. Manual work to process the order
  3. Cost estimates using the excel table
  4. Sending an application to the workshop for order execution
  5. Sending invoice to customer
  6. Manual filling up customer data in CRM
  7. Adding an order to CRM and accounting in XERO
  8. Sending an order delivery letter

Process optimisation
through a digital platform

  1. Receiving calculation of estimates on the website
  2. Automatic reply letter to the workshop, invoice + delivery letter to the customer
  3. XERO and CRM are connected to the website

Technologies used

  • Customised framework CMS
  • PHP7
  • MySQL database
  • The website is located on the Apache v2.0 server
  • SPA technology (single page application) - opening pages without refreshing
  • The speed of page deployment and calculations of estimates ~0.15-0.22 seconds


Perform the analysis


  • Initially, the company WAS had only a Google form through which customers make an order. Their request was to automate the calculation of the cost of an awning and other manual works. Based on this, a site was created. Together with the client, the design and structure of the site was developed.


  • We created the site, including a calculator of the cost of the tent, as well as the cost of the hour of installation of this tent.
  • We engaged in the layout of all pages, created a catalog of products.
  • We designed and built a form for creating an order and a payment system.


  • A FAQ page has been developed.
  • All bugs are fixed and the whole layout is configured.
  • Added account editing page. Added security checks.
  • All images are optimized.


That's why we are awesome:


  • Reduced production costs
  • Saving managers time
  • Systematise business processes
  • Reduced employee costs